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Saturday, February 4, 2012

coffee versus tea

coffee... so good but (for some) so bad...

As I am healing my body, I have had to come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, some of my favorite foods and beverages are not very good for me. Without a doubt coffee has been the hardest thing to give up. Before starbucks was a household name, the first thing that I would do every time I traveled to a new town was find the local coffee shop and enjoy the tastiest cup of coffee that I could find. During college coffee got me through exams, and for the past seventeen years, coffee was always there to greet me in the mornings. Everyone knew they could not expect much from me until I had my morning cup.

I was a known addict.

I have known for a long time that coffee is not GOOD for me, but it just seemed like it wasn't that BAD for me! So I continued to enjoy my many cups of coffee for years.

Since the new year I have the strength to follow through on what I feel is best for my body and I have kicked the habit.

how did I do it?
I drink an herbal coffee that is a blend of organic roasted dandelion root, organic roasted chicory root, organic roasted carob, and organic maca powder.

It tastes great and is REALLY good for me! 

I can finally say that and I kicked the habit.

I hope that you all manage to get some inspiration and if there is anything that making you feel less than 100%, go ahead and quit! It feels SO MUCH BETTER!!! 

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