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Saturday, February 4, 2012

healing for the new year

I have understood the effect of good food versus bad food on my body my whole life. I remember after Halloween wanting to eat something fresh because I ate way too much candy, and having a tummy ache after eating half of a pizza.

But it wasn't until this year, 2012 that I got serious about healing. 

During the holiday season, lets just say I indulged... A LOT!!

christmas parties, christmas candy, thanksgiving

I did a lot of drinking (alcohol) a lot of eating (sweets especially) and to recover from all of the sugar crashes and hangovers, I drank a lot of coffee.

When I returned from the holidays, I planned to go on a cleansing diet for the New Year. I returned to my home town of Nashville on December 27th, and could not wait for January 1st. My body was overloaded to the max. I decided to skip the New Years parties and instead started the cleanse 3 days before New Years Eve. Probably one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.

The cleanse consisted of vegetable broth, raw or steamed vegetables and a few supplements. Absolutely no alcohol or caffeine. 

The first few days were hard. I had a lot of cravings and a headache. I was detoxing. But by New Years Eve I started to get energy and feel good!.

I managed to extend my "cleanse" to the house and started my New Year with not only a clean body but a clean home as well. 

Great way to start 2012!

my cravings went away and by the time the seven days was up, I wasn't sure that I was ready to stop!

Since that time I have not gone back to caffeine, alcohol, and sugar or dairy with the exception of yogurt.

I have not missed it one little bit.

I feel great.

Through this process I realized that when you heal your own body you help others heal as well. 

My mother went on the diet to support, and she would up healing her body by accident!

My best friend went on a fast that has healed his stomache aches.

And my fiance is loving all of the cooking! 

I started this blog about a month and a half into my healing process. I hope to share with people my experiences so that you all can figure what is good and bad food for you so that we can all make the most of our lives. Please comment and share your experiences as well.

the green goddess

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