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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

vegan antioxidant superfood almond coconut chocolate bonbons

bonbon dusted in cayenne

this is not only the healthiest bonbon recipe that you will ever find, these bonbons happen to be the tastiest that I have ever tried (and I LOVE me some valentine candy especially the soft centers...) I make mine sugar free but of course you can experiment with agave or whatever  sweetener you like.

sugar free superfood chocolate bonbons

1/2 pound cacao mass (chocolate liquor)
1/8 coconut oil
liquid stevia(I buy an alcohol free stevia)
2 cups almond butter
3/4 cup maca powder (from mountain rose herbs)
1/8 cup coconut milk
vanilla extract
cayenne pepper (optional)
cinnamon (optional)

filling: in a food processer combine almond butter, 2 droppers liquid stevia,  maca powder, and vanilla extract. Slowly add coconut milk until the filling is firm but workable. If the mixture is too dry add more coconut milk, if it is too wet add more maca. The mixture should be pliable but firm. Taste it to make sure that it is delicious. If it needs more sweetener add more stevia. Put the mixture in the freezer for an hour. If made ahead you can store it in the refrigerator so that the mixture is not too hard to work with.
chocolate coating: in a double boiler, melt cholocate adding coconut oil until it is a liquid consistency. Add the stevia.
On a tray roll the filling into small balls (about 1" diameter)
drizzle the chocolate over the balls.
Set in the freezer or refrigerator and allow to cool. Shake a little cinnamon or cayenne on top if desired.

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  1. Cannot believe how good these are and they are sugarfree!!!!

  2. Cayenne in chocolate, my favorite, Now I can make them myself!!

  3. Fantastic, Love them.

  4. "Almond chocolate Bon Bons" Made these for Christmas, best ever.,,
    Gave them away and now they wantthe recipy!!! (sooo delishious)
    Thank You, will make more for The New Year, 2013
    Thank You!


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