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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lunch at Gabrielle's

Gabrielle and her famous tofu burgers

What's the best kept secret for the best food that you have ever had in Nashville, wait actually... EVER had ANYWHERE?!?

Gabrielle's house!

Today I was invited to a lunch that she throws for her friends every other week, although everyone is welcome.

Gabrielle serves the most delicious vegan food that you have ever had in your life!

today's menu

everything is vegan... and in season...

roasted winter roots

apple carrot turnip slaw

there were many raw options...

green salad

and even dessert!!!

baked pears

so delicious!!!

Thank you Gabrielle! I hope that this blog inspires people to cook and be more like you!!


  1. I wish you wouls post recipy for Tofu Burgers??
    They seem Yummy!!!!

  2. Does Gabrielle have a Lunch Restaurant?
    Would love to go!


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