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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Social disturbances with the diet.

One of the hardest obstacles that I have faced while on my diet are social influences. I go to so many events with wine and beer, that test my willingness to abstain from alcohol. Also, I have a very hard time going to restaurants because they rarely have anything that I can eat. It's hard.
I have had to approach this 100%. If I don't do it all the way, then I feel like I can't do it! Sweets and unhealthy treats are ABUNDANT in this world and it can be so hard to stay on track.
I have had to approach this diet completely.
But I did slip quite a bit this week. It started out with a jar of spaghetti sauce. I didn't read the ingredients until after I had chowed down. I know that this doesn't sound like a big deal to many people, but the sauce had sugar in it. The little bit of sugar in the sauce jump started my cravings. In combination with this, I had a guest in town who of course wanted to go out. Before I knew it I had eaten cheese, sweet potato fries, fried chicken, wheat, pie and coffee! I had completely fallen off the wagon.
But I have pulled myself together and am ready for a fresh start. I am 5 weeks into the diet and I will go back to the beginning.
My goal is to heal my body and a healthy body is so worth giving up pie.

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  1. I would call it Healthy Life Style, not "diet"
    We all should follow!


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